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Industry Briefing Paper for the Marketing Director of a fictitious company see table below for choice of companies The paper needs to be written in 3rd person and provide the Marketing Director

Industry Briefing Paper for the Marketing Director of a fictitious company (see table below for choice of companies). The paper needs to be written in 3rd person and provide the Marketing Director with the following: an up-to-date picture of the academic literature and practitioner insights in your chosen topic area (see below for full details) and
provide recommendations regarding the future use of your chose communication tool
Your review of academic literature and should draw upon at least eight academic journal articles. It should be fully referenced in Harvard style and should aim to provide a critical overview of research which has been carried out in the area. In addition, your briefing paper should include examples in the form of at least two case studies and comments from practitioners sourced from either trade journals or industry blogs and discussion boards or academic textbooks. Your paper should be a maximum of 2000 words (excluding references and appendices). Topic for Industry Briefing Paper: Ethical Issues In Marketing Communication In writing your briefing paper, you can choose ONE of these fictitious companies. Your briefing paper should be addressed to the marketing director of the company, suggesting how your recommendations could be incorporated into future communications plans. Company A: Get Fit Now! is a new national pay-as-you go gym company, targeting consumers who have become disillusioned by high joining and membership fees of health clubs. As a newcomer they need to build awareness very quickly and ensure that potential customers understand their position in the market place. Company B Bio-gloss is a brand of shampoo and hair care products targeted at a young teenage female audience. The products are positioned as fun, stylish, must-have items aimed at encouraging young girls (12-17 years old) to get into a regular hair care routine Company C Fresh Fruit Soda is a new brand of soft drink targeted at drinkers who enjoy the taste of fizzy drinks but want a low sugar alternative. The range includes apple, orange and cranberry versions and the marketing objective is to penetrate the market, establishing it as a top 5 brand within two years. Company D: Milkabar is a chain of milkshake cafes targeted at teenagers and their parents. Positioned as a trendy place to hang out with friends, the chain plans to open 25 outlets in large towns within a year. Key elements of an Industry Briefing Paper (Also see Week 10 lecture slides for guidance on how to structure/write your paper) Introduction to the paper (clarification of its purpose)
Critical analysis and discussion of academic theory in your chosen topic area with consideration of key issues: for example, are there issues relating to integration into the wider communications mix? Have issue relating to evaluation and measurement emerged from your research? What other challenges can you identify?
Use of case studies and practitioner comments to clarify how your chosen topic is already being used by other companies in their marketing communications. Weave the case studies/practitioner comments into the critical discussion of academic theory
Conclusions and recommendations: what recommendations would you make to the Marketing Director of your chosen company, based on your research?
References: List ALL sources used, in Harvard style.
Appendices: include any case studies and supporting information plus 300 words reflecting on the credibility and usefulness of the sources of information used. Reflections on the information gathering process (5% of the marks) This assignment requires you to use and evaluate information from many different sources. In this section, you should write approximately 300 words (to be included in the appendices), reflecting on your information gathering process and the credibility and reliability of the sources you have used. What sources did you use? How did you judge whether they were credible and reliable? Allocation of Marks Criteria Allocated Marks (%)
Appropriateness of 8 academic papers selected and ability to use Harvard referencing correctly.
Appropriateness of 2 case studies, trade journals and industry Blogs/discussion boards, academic textbooks selected
Ability to produce a critical, well-structure synthesis of all available sources (i.e. combining academic theory with practitioner views to draw conclusions which would be useful to practitioners making future marketing communication decisions)

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