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Individual Written Report & Oral Presentation 35Written Report Due Week

 Individual Written Report & Oral Presentation (35%) Written Report (20%): Due Week 8 • Word count: 1000-1200words
Oral Presentation (15%): • To be delivered in Weeks 6 -8
Students are required to complete both components of the assessment.
Choose a Developmental Stage from Erikson's Psychosocial Theory; compare and contrast the perspective with a different Developmental Theory for the same age subjects. Some possible theories (other may be used after discussion with your lecturer): • Bowlby's Attachment Theory • Maslow's Hierarch of Needs • Freud's Psychosexual Theory • Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory
Your written report should include at least 5 current (scholarly) journal articles in addition to any textbook references.The format a nd requirementsof your reportwillbediscussed ingreaterdetail during tutorials. Adherence to the course formatting guidelines is essential (e.g. spacing, font, cover-sheet, word count). Inclusion of the marking guide is appreciated and allows the assessor to provide more detailed feedback.
Do NOT utilise and other suchweb materia lsasthese in noway constitute academic referencesforthe purposeofyourassignments. If you relyonsuchsources for theoretical support, you will be deemed NOTto have met the req uirements oftheassessment.

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