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Impedance Admittance Phasors for RL and RC Parallel Circuits Updated 9 11 2017 Objective Demonstrate calculations and measurements for admittance impedance voltage and current in parallel

Impedance, Admittance, Phasors for RL and RC Parallel Circuits Updated 9/11/2017 Objective: Demonstrate calculations and measurements for admittance, impedance, voltage, and current in parallel AC circuits containing resistors and inductors or capacitors. Measure phase angles. Equipment: Function generator, Oscope and probes, LC Meter, DMM Parts (1kO, 30O R, 0.1uF C, 33mH L) Procedure: A. Obtain the components listed in Table 1. Measure L & C with the LC meter, and resistances with an ohmmeter, and record in Table 1. Use the DMM to measure RW, the resistance of the inductor. Table 1: Component Values Component Measured Value C: 0.1 uF L: 33 mH (29mH) Rw (DC winding resistance of L) R1: 1 k? Rsense: 30O B. Calculations and measurements will use the circuits shown below. The block labeled L_or_C will be either the inductor or capacitor: Figure 1: Circuit for Measuring L or C current Figure 2: Circuit for measuring Itotal Resistor Rsense exists to allow scope measurements of current through the inductor or cap and total supply current with a low enough O value to minimally impact results. We’ll assume Rsense=0 for our calculations. To switch between circuit configurations to measure currents, just move the bottom of R1. IVY Tech EECT211 Lab 3: Admittance and Impedance of Parallel RL, RC 9/11/2017 2 C. RL Circuit : Fill in the expected values in Table 2. Use the measured component values throughout the table, but assume Rsense = 0. Calculate the rectangular Ytotal first, translate to polar, and do the remaining calculations in polar (phasor) form. Redraw the schematic in the gray boxes of the table for each frequency, labeling the inductor with its susceptance in Siemens instead of L value, such as –j1mS. Table 2: RL Parallel Circuit Vs=2VRMS =2.83VPeak Polar (RMS values) Rectangular f= 6kHz f= 10kHz f= 6kHz f= 10kHz G1 = 1/R1 XL =j2pfL ___???? j______

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