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If a companys IS-related programs are not developed in-house, then the development gr

If a company's IS-related programs are not developed in-house, then the development group within its IT department will be staffed primarily by ________.

A) test engineers

B) systems analysts

C) technical writers

D) programmers

22) The development group in a company's IT department is staffed primarily by programmers, test engineers, technical writers, and other development personnel. Based on this information, which of the following is likely to be true?

A) The company develops programs in-house.

B) The company uses licensed software.

C) The company has negotiated outsourcing agreements with other companies.

D) The company contracts work out to other companies.

23) In the context of information systems, ________ means either removing problems or adapting existing information systems to support new features and functions.

A) replacement

B) training

C) maintenance

D) programming

24) The ________ group protects data and information assets by establishing data standards and data management practices and policies.             

A) data mining

B) information allocation

C) development

D) data administration

25) Which of the following is true about the functions of the data administration staff?

A) It is staffed primarily by systems analysts who work with users, operations, and vendors to acquire and install licensed software and to set up the system components around that software.

B) It sells software, network, communications, and consulting services.

C) An important function for this group is to monitor user experience and respond to user problems.

D) It establishes data standards and data management practices and policies.

26) Benefits for which the dollar values can be computed are ________.

A) intangible benefits

B) implicit benefits

C) tangible benefits

D) inherent benefits

27) ________ are those for which it is impossible to compute a dollar value.

A) Explicit benefits

B) Intangible benefits

C) Palpable benefits

D) Tangible benefits

28) A system analyst ________.

A) advises the CIO, executive groups, and project managers on emerging technologies

B) works with users to determine system requirements, designs and develops job descriptions and procedures, helps determine system test plans

C) works with business leaders and planners to develop processes and systems that implement business strategy and goals

D) helps users solve problems and provides training

29) A ________ develops test plans, designs and writes automated test scripts, and performs testing.

A) technical writer

B) systems analyst

C) PQA test engineer

D) network administrator

30) Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of a systems analyst?

A) developing procedures

B) writing programs

C) determining system requirements

D) designing job descriptions

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