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(Links to an external site.)Please use the above link to view a TedTalk about addressing climate change. Let's forget for a moment that people suffer the hubris that we matter enough to change anything this big and pretend that we can, provided we do it on a global scale...everyone working together toward a common goal.

In your initial posting (due no later than 11:55pm PT on the Sunday before the deadline, please, briefly, summarize the TedTalk, and provide, more thoroughly, you perspective on how strategic management might help all stakeholders of climate change to affect positive change. This is not a forum where we talk about environmentalism or pick on the republicans or any of that. Keep the conversation on strategic management. In grading I will look for reference to the relevant chapters as well as appropriate 'management' terminology. After the initial deadline please respond to at least three others before Module 2 closes. An initial posting and three decent response postings will earn a passing grade on this assignment. More, and higher quality, postings and arguments will earn higher grades.

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