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Math 1115 Excel computer Project #2 Working with Polynomial and Rational Functions Goals: The first goal of this project is to introduce students to modeling data using polynomial regression. Students will use Excel to fit a polynomial model to data, and use the model to answer questions about the real world situation. Students will discuss how well and to what extent the model describes the situation. The second goal of this project is to give students hands-on experience using a spreadsheet. Students will plot data and fit a trend curve to the data. Be sure to include your name and identify each problem. Selecting the cells containing the data, using Chart Wizard to get the scatter plot of the data, selecting Add Trendline, and picking Polynomial with the order (degree) of the polynomial gives the equation of the polynomial function that is the best fit for the data, along with the scatter plot and the graph of the best-fitting curve. Problem 1: Cell Phones. The following table gives the number of millions of U.S cellular telephone subscribers. a. Create a spreadsheet in worksheet with the below data and appropriate column headings. Title the Worksheet “Cell Phone Subscribers from 1985 to 2002”. Year Subscribers Year Subscribers Year Subscribers (millions) (millions) (millions) 1985 0.340 1991 7.557 1997 55.312 1986 0.682 1992 11.033 1998 69.209 1987 1.231 1993 16.009 1999 86.047 1988 2.069 1994 24.134 2000 109.478 1989 3.509 1995 33.786 2001 128.375 1990 5.283 1996 44.043 2002 140.767 b. Create a scatter plot for the data with x equal to the number of years from 1985 and y equal to the number subscribers in millions. The table should be titled “U.S. Cell Phone Subscribers”. The axis labels should be “Subscribers (in millions)” and “Year from 1985”. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER: 1. Does it appear that the data could be modeled with a quadratic...

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