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HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management Detailed Group Assignment Guidelines Due Dates: • Week 9:...

HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management Detailed Group Assignment Guidelines Due Dates: • Week 9: Students are required to submit a formal meeting and group outline • Week 10 & 11: Group presentation/role play simulations will be held in class tutorial time • Week 10: Group reports are due by 5pm on Friday 26th September Group Size: Groups of 3-4 students depending on class size. Your lecturer will confirm max/min group size with you. Assignment Weight: Written Report 15% and Oral Presentation 10% = 25% Length: Report 2000 words Presentation/Role Play/Simulation 10 minutes (Including Q&A time) Background Information Each student group is required to design, create and deliver a ‘role play simulation’ of a business meeting in which expatriate staffing and management needs are discussed in relation to a company that is looking to establish an overseas operation in one particular country. For this exercise your group must: • Design and create a meeting outline/overview of the proposed role-play simulation • Decide and nominate the "home" location and the "host" location for the exercise • Identify and discuss at least 7 key issues and challenges that may arise when managing business and staff across the two cultures • Identify key macro and micro environmental factors that are likely to impact the business’ success in the new ‘host’ country As part of the meetings students are required to address at least 7 relevant core issues that are involved in international HRM within the simulated company. The meetings will result in a written report that provides the theoretical framework from a cross-cultural management point of view for the decisions in addition to addressing the specific issues relevant to the host country. Requirements for This Assignment: For this group assignment you will be required to: 1. Meeting Outline: By week 9 class each group must submit a typed ‘role play’/meeting outline to their lecturer on a single A4 paper that includes: o Group member names, student IDs, contact details, group leader’s name o Clearly identifies (a) the nominated ‘home’ country and (b) ‘host’ country selected for the exercise o A clear outline for the ‘role play’ meeting that includes:  The role each team member will play in the simulation i.e. home country manager, host country manager, expatriate staff member(s)  Identifies the 7+ key issues that will be discussed in the meeting  How you plan to use your time (the 10 minutes allocated for the role play)  What other props, support materials, etc you will require on the day HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management Detailed Group Assignment Guidelines 2. Role Play Meeting Presentation: Presentations will be delivered in tutorial time during week 10 and 11. Each group must: o Deliver a 10 minute role play meeting that covers and addresses the key issues identified in managing HRM and cross-cultural management between host and home countries  Role play meetings will be assessed based on: • The relevance and quality of discussion on key cross-cultural issues that have been identified • The identification and proposal of appropriate solutions to manage or contain these issues • The overall quality, effort and practice that has been applied to the ‘role play’ 3. Group Assignment Report: Each group will be required to submit a formal report by Friday in Week 10 of class. Maximum length 2000 words. Assignment Format Report Format This assignment is to be presented as a standard business report that should include the following key sections: • Report Cover/Title Page • Executive Summary - with key research findings and your team’s recommendation • Table of Contents • Brief overview of the company selected for the role play and the home/host countries • Identification of key macro and micro environmental factors and issues impacting the selected host country • Identification of key cross-cultural and HRM issues (at least 7) that may arise between home & host countries • Recommendations: Proposal of appropriate solutions and contingency to manage and contain these issues • Reference Listing (presented in standard Harvard Referencing format) Your report should be presented with clear use of relevant section headings, in a standard true type (e.g. Arial) 12pt font with 1.5 line spacing. Research Groups will be required to perform relevant academic research and show evidence of that research within their report using standard Harvard Referencing format. At least 5-10 relevant research and academic sources should be included in your report. • Refer to Proquest database for relevant sources • Google Scholar • Relevant Business Communication Journals HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management Detailed Group Assignment Guidelines Use of Referencing Students will be required to use standard Harvard Referencing for both in-text citations and in the final reference list / bibliography. While Harvard Referencing will be discussed in detail in Lecture 5 of this course, it is recommended that students visit the resource centre and obtain a copy of the Holmes Academic Guide to Harvard Referencing. This is also available in the student resources area of Blackboard. You can also find additional information on Harvard Referencing style here: • • Due Date: This assignment is due Friday 5pm in Week 10. Submission after this date without prior agreement from your lecturer will incur standard late penalties. Submission: All groups will be required to submit: • A printed hardcopy of their assignment that includes the relevant course/assignment coversheet • An electronic copy MUST ALSO BE SUBMITTED to the MSF/Holmes Blackboard – Safe Assignment system by the due date. • You must also provide a printed copy of the Safe Assign summary sheet that shows the percentage matching for your assignment. • As a general guideline - the Safe Assignment ‘matching % to other sources’ must be less than or equal to 15% for this assignment. Please note: Failure to submit either an electronic copy or hardcopy means that your lecturer will be unable to release a final mark for you. So please make sure that you SUBMIT BOTH by the due date. Students are reminded that the work that they submit for this assignment must be their own, and should be appropriately referenced. If the ‘% matching’ for your assignment on the final submission to safe-assign is greater than 15% then your lecturer may choose to deduct marks, ask you to resubmit with a penalty applied, or allocate you a mark of zero. Group Presentation A 10 minute group meeting role play presentation will be required by each group during class in Week 10 & 11. • Groups must prepare relevant meeting handouts/notes (and provide your lecturer with a copy) • All students in the group must be involved in the role play presentation • As this is a business presentation - students WILL be required to wear professional business attire • The time limit for each group’s presentation will be strictly adhered to Plagiarism and Copying Finally it is extremely important that you are familiar with the university policy on plagiarism that is included in the unit outline. HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management Detailed Group Assignment Guidelines Assessment Guidelines Assessment Criteria for Written Report Maximum Clear and concise identification and explanation of the key cross-cultural and HRM issues between the two countries and its context. Comprehensive analysis of all relevant issues. 6 Demonstrated understanding, logic and reasoning evidenced in report. Quality of primary and secondary research and referencing to support your analysis. Demonstrated understanding of the theory discussed during lectures. 3 Quality of final recommendations, contingency and executive summary 3 Style, structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, images and overall excellence 3 Total 15 Marking Criteria for Oral Presentation Presentations will be held during tutorial time in Weeks 10 and 11. Duration of each role play presentation will be 10 minutes followed by Q&A time for the group. Every student is required to take part in the presentation. Assessment Criteria for Presentation Maximum Content: The role play presentation identified and covered the main key issues that need to be considered when managing cross-culturally across the two counties. The presentation is not the report. The presentation compliments the report. Provides the big picture (not all details). 5 Presentation: The role play was engaging. Students knew their roles. Communication was clear and concise. There was a clear introduction and lead-in to the meeting. There was an appropriate summary at the end of key issues and any recommendations. 3 Overall Excellence: Clarity and overall impression of excellence (handouts, professionalism, quality) 2 Total 10



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