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Help! i think i have a virus on my mac.?

i was torrenting some things (i deleted them all off my computer and cleared my trash). as a result im getting all these pop up windows every time i click something. like i will open up crome and click on the search ehgine and a new tab or window will open. then ill have to close them and go back to the original window i opened. then ill type like and click enter. netflix will load but another tab or window will open. in addition to that ill have all these ads lining the page im on. on the top. bottom. sides. even middle. some of the ads are there right away. some will slide in from the sides. idk what to do bc ive had adblocker for years and now it seems to not make a difference. its making my computer so slow too. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

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Answer (Solved)

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