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Home / Questions / Google pioneered Web 2.0 advertising. With its ________ software, vendors pay Google a ce

Google pioneered Web 2.0 advertising. With its ________ software, vendors pay Google a ce

 Google pioneered Web 2.0 advertising. With its ________ software, vendors pay Google a certain amount for particular search words.

A) AdSense

B) Adware

C) AdWords

D) AdCap

32) A(n) ________ is a structure of individuals and organizations that are related to each other in some way.

A) folksonomy

B) electronic exchange

C) social network

D) crowdsource

33) Karl Marx defined ________ as the investment of resources for future profit.

A) capital

B) business

C) equity

D) returns

34) Which of the following is an example of human capital?

A) time and energy

B) factories and machines

C) knowledge and skills

D) social relationships

35) Being linked to a network of highly regarded contacts is a form of social ________.

A) credential

B) consciousness

C) mobility

D) commerce

36) Which of the following is true about social capital?

A) Social capital is the investment in human knowledge and skills for future profit.

B) The people you know the least contribute the most connections to your network.

C) Social capital can be gained by limiting ones friends but strengthening the relationships with them.

D) Strong relationships contribute the most to the growth of social capital.

37) A ________ is a content structure that has emerged from the processing of many user tags.

A) metalanguage

B) mashup

C) folksonomy

D) bookmark

38) Which of the following are the characteristics of Enterprise 2.0, according to McAfee?

A) search, links, authoring, tags, extensions, signals

B) speed, LAN, auctions, tags, e-commerce, social capital

C) SOA, LAN, advertising, tags, electronic-exchange, SAAS

D) UGC, SOA, tags, extensions, signals, social CRM

39) According to McAfee, Enterprise 2.0 workers want applications that enable them to rate tagged content and to use the tags to predict content that will be of interest to them. This refers to which of the following characteristics of Enterprise 2.0?

A) search

B) authoring

C) signals

D) extensions

40) In Enterprise 2.0, pushing enterprise content to users based on subscriptions and alerts is part of ________, according to McAfee's Enterprise 2.0 model.

A) signaling

B) authoring

C) tagging

D) searching

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