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Home / Questions / GINA prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on

GINA prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on

GINA prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on:

A) toxicity levels.

B) noise exposure.

C) genetic information.

D) hazard exposure.


62) It is most critical to gather the input of ________ when developing an effective safety program.

A) the CEO.

B) line workers.

C) HR representatives.

D) middle management.


63) An effective safety program:

A) requires a safety director to attend meetings with OSHA representatives.

B) includes a safety committee made of employees from all departments.

C) lets safety be its own reward for employees' safe performance.

D) enforces safety rules randomly and with flexibility.


64) In order to be the most effective, a company's safety committee should consist of:

A) line managers who provide personal protective equipment.

B) managers and employees who mete out punishments for safety violations.

C) managers and employees who evaluate safety procedures and review accidents.

D) upper level managers who communicate health and safety rules and monitor work sites.

65) Lionel Electrical has recently developed a comprehensive safety program. Which of the following is LEAST likely to occur at the firm as a result?

A) Reducing accident-related costs

B) Conducting fewer safety inspections

C) Experiencing fewer employee accidents

D) Receiving fewer workers' compensation claims


66) Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are primarily designed to:

A) eliminate violence in the workplace by identifying and treating potentially violent employees.

B) create drug-free working environments by providing confidential drug treatment for employees.

C) prevent health problems by proactively encouraging and training employees to lead healthier lives.

D) help employees whose job performance is suffering due to physical, mental, or emotional problems.


67) Many firms create EAPs because such programs are:

A) required by the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

B) strongly recommended by OSHA and the ADA.

C) tools for protecting workers' physical and mental health.

D) cost-effective ways to improve productivity and quality.

68) Stress often results in ________, a syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion and reduced personal accomplishment.

A) anxiety

B) burnout

C) depression

D) situational sickness

69) Employee burnout:

A) causes mental but not physical problems.

B) is the leading cause of workplace violence.

C) cannot be effectively treated by an EAP.

D) negatively affects employee performance.


70) Which of the following is the LEAST likely warning sign of depression?

A) Chest pains

B) Absenteeism

C) Accident proneness

D) Forgetfulness


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