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You work for a large hotel group in the city. The hotel is undergoing some major renovations and internal changes. As a result, you are required to source a the services of new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage suppliers/ producers who can also provide sponsorship opportunities for major events that the hotel group is planning over the next five years.

  • a
  • Develop a plan that outlines how you endeavour to build business relationships with the suppliers/ producers. The plan must include a communication strategy that describes how you will establish business relationships, how you intend to build trust and respect and how you intend to maintain any existing relationships that you may have with existing suppliers/ producers. Upload your answer for assessment.
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  • Based upon your plan to establish business relationships with suppliers/ producers, describe how you will conduct negotiations, taking into consideration any cultural contexts and organisational goals. Describe the method of negotiations that you would use and outline the areas where you may need to source feedback and input from other colleagues and/or stakeholders. Upload your answer for assessment.
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  • Based upon the plan and negotiations, develop a contract/ agreement that confirms in writing all of the agreements negotiated, allowing for areas for signatures and approvals. Upload your answer for assessment.
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  • d
  • Develop a report that details how you intend to foster and maintain the business relationship, including how you would source and act upon information needed for relationship building. Ensure that you include in your answer how you intend to measure performance and make adjustments and amendments to future negotiations and contracts. Upload your report for assessment.
  • Optimum file size should be less than 7MB

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