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Home / Questions / Formal or informal relationships between people in an organization are known by which term

Formal or informal relationships between people in an organization are known by which term

Formal or informal relationships between people in an organization are known by which term?

A) Work flow group

B) Organizational culture

C) Management team

D) Organizational structure

2) The choice of a prospector strategy for a business would be most appropriate when a firm:

A) operates in an uncertain business environment.

B) functions in a relatively stable business environment.

C) sells products that are in the maturity stage of the life cycle.

D) prefers a top-down decision making approach for management.

3) Cheap Shoes manufactures a line of inexpensive shoes. The firm uses a defender strategy, which means the most effective structure for them involves:

A) maximizing autonomy among strategic divisions.

B) implementing decisions from the top down.

C) utilizing self-managing work teams.

D) establishing a flat structure.

4) A company with a prospector strategy would most likely:

A) have a bureaucratic organizational structure.

B) give employees more responsibility.

C) use a vertical information system.

D) use hierarchy to resolve conflict.

5) Which type of organizational structure would be most appropriate for a company with a defender strategy?

A) Flat

B) Boundaryless

C) Differentiated

D) Bureaucratic

6) Alyssa finds a job description for an interesting retail position. The job description indicates exactly what department of the store she would be responsible for and what her duties would be. The ad describes good opportunities for advancement within the retail area, so she could become the managing retail director for her department. However, she would not be able to move into finance or production. This is an example of which organizational strategy?

A) Top-down management

B) Work specialization

C) Prospector strategy

D) Pyramid-building

7) Bureaucratic organizational structures are marked by:

A) narrow job descriptions and sharp vertical and horizontal boundaries.

B) division of labor around products, services, or customers.

C) high employee involvement in decision making.

D) decentralized management.

8) Maryland Times News is a publishing company that has a functional division of labor, work specialization, and a pyramid of authority. MTN most likely uses a:

A) bureaucratic organizational structure.

B) flat organizational structure.

C) boundaryless organizational structure.

D) work flow organizational structure.

9) One organizational structure that lends itself to the formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances is a:

A) bureaucratic structure.

B) flat structure.

C) generic structure.

D) boundaryless structure.

10) Courtland Corporation recently reduced its number of management levels and decentralized its entire managerial approach. Prior to this, the corporation maintained a pyramid-shaped management structure and was based on a functional division of labor. Courtland evolved from a ________ organization to a ________ organization.

A) prospector / defender

B) boundaryless / bureaucratic

C) bureaucratic / boundaryless

D) bureaucratic / flat

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