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Ford Motor Co. "loaned" new Fiestas to social trend setters who drove th

Ford Motor Co. "loaned" new Fiestas to social trend setters who drove the cars as part oftheir Meals on Wheels responsibilities. When Ford asked them to write about theirdriving experiences on Facebook and Twitter, it was emphasizing which aspect of the4Ps?AnswerProductPlacePricePromotionIt's best to think of "breakthrough opportunities" as opportunities which:Answerappeal to the mass market.will quickly create a whole new industry of firms competing with similar innovators develop hard-to-copy marketing mixes.increase sales.All of these apply to breakthrough opportunities.Question 3Which of the following statements is a strategy decision, rather than an operationaldecision?Answer"We will change the colors of our selection of shirts at the end of the season.""We will cut prices as needed to in order to protect our market share.""We will increase the number of training sessions for new sales associates from twoto three.""We will hire a merchandising specialist this month to help remodel our olderstores.""We will place a special ad in the Sunday newspaper promoting our upcoming sale."Question 4Catalogs, point-of-purchase materials, and free samples are all examples of:Answer

publicity.personal selling.sales promotion.advertising.Question 5Hewlett-Packard decided that too many other companies were attracting its customers byadvertising their computer printers as "having all of the features of Hewlett-Packard'sLaserJet." So Hewlett-Packard designed a new color printer with a completely new set offeatures which no competitors' equipment offered. Hewlett-Packard then introduced it tothe same market with the hope that it could develop a larger and more profitable share.This was an effort at:Answermarket penetration.product development.Question 6"Promotion" includes:Answeradvertising.personal selling.sales promotion.publicity.All of these may be included in Promotion.Question 7The most important variable in a firm's marketing mix is:AnswerProduct.

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