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Featherbed Surf & Leisure Holidays Ltd Featherbed is a resort company based on Vancouver Island Its operations include boating surfing diving and other leisure activities a backpackers hostel

Featherbed Surf & Leisure Holidays Ltd. (Featherbed) is a resort company based on Vancouver Island. Its operations include boating, surfing, diving, and other leisure activities; a backpackers hostel; a family hotel; and a five-star resort. Justin and Sarah Morris own the majority of the shares in the Morris Group, which controls Featherbed. Justin is the chairman of the board of directors of both Featherbed and the Morris Group, and Sarah is a director of both companies as well as the CFO of Featherbed. Justin and Sarah have a fairly laid-back management style. They trust their workers to work hard for the company and reward them well. The accounting staff, in particular, is very loyal to the company. Justin tells you that some accounting staff enjoys their jobs so much they have never taken holidays, and they rarely take sick leave. Justin and Sarah have not bothered much in the past with formal procedures and policies, but they have requested that the accounting staff start documenting the more common procedures. Justin and Sarah do not conduct formal performance reviews; they rely on their staff to tell them when there is a problem. There are three people currently employed in the accounting department, the most senior of which is Peter Pinn. Peter heads the accounts department and reports directly to Sarah. He is in his fifties and plans to retire in two or three years. Peter prides himself on his ability to delegate most of his work to his two staff members, Kriste

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