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Home / Questions / Exercise has a number of benefits. Which of the following is not one that is listed in the

Exercise has a number of benefits. Which of the following is not one that is listed in the

Exercise has a number of benefits. Which of the following is not one that is listed in the text?

  1.                 Releasing anger, tension, and anxiety
  2.                Slowing down the aging process
  3.                 Preventing hypertension
  4.                Decreasing the supply of endorphins



12. Research has shown that people who consistently sleep less than __________ hours or those who sleep more than __________hours show elevated mortality risk.

  1.                             5; 9
  2.                             7; 8
  3.                              6; 10
  4.                             7; 10



13. One form of exercise that most people can do on a regular basis, which helps their heart, lungs, and circulatory system is

  1.                             running
  2.                             pilates
  3.                              brisk walking
  4.                             playing baseball



14.Which of the following statements is false?

  1.                 The quantity of sleep matters more than the quality.
  2.                The amount of sleep that is normal for different individuals can vary.
  3.                 It is possible to get more sleep than you need.
  4.                Most people experience difficulty in falling asleep at least occasionally.



15.Which of the following statements is false?

  1.                 Spirituality is a key ingredient in a balanced life.
  2.                Spirituality often helps us discover unity in the universe.
  3.                 It is not possible to be deeply spiritual without being religious.
  4.                Feeding your soul may be as important as feeding your body for your overall health.



16.Our bodies express themselves through the

a.chest, which can develop armor that inhibits the free flowing of crying, laughing, and breathing.

b.neck, which can hold back expressions of anger or crying, as well as holding on the tensions.

  1.                 diaphragm, which can restrict the expression of rage and pain.
  2.                all of the above.



17.According to the Coreys, the chronic practice of “swallowing emotions”

a.can take a physical toll on our body. a good way to deal with grief and anger.

  1.                 is a desirable way to deal with stress.
  2.                generally will lead to experiencing more joy.



18.The following is not true concerning unexpressed emotions:

a.Unexpressed emotions can manifest themselves in physical symptoms.

b.Over time, unexpressed emotions will simply disappear.

  1.                 There is a relationship between unexpressed emotions and the development of severe headaches, ulcers, and digestive problems.
  2.                When we seal off emotions such as grief and anger, we also keep ourselves from experiencing intense joy.



19.Experiencing your body can be accomplished by

a.paying attention to your senses of touch, taste, smell, seeing, and hearing.

b.taking time to be aware of how your body is interacting with the environment.

c.treating yourself to a massage.

d.expressing yourself through dancing.

e.all of the above.



20.Regarding the need to be touched,

a.some research shows that it is necessary for healthy development. is the same across all cultures.

  1.                 it is almost always sexually motivated.
  2.                it has little to do with family of origin.

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