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Evaluates the debate based on the "weight of evidence " and not on your personal opinion....

a] Link paragraph to paragraph so that it tumbles like a cascade. [see examples at ** **] b] I, the reader, am intelligent, but a specialist in the topic. Write your answer for an intelligent nonspecialist. c] Refer back to the question very occasionally. This will focus your writing and the examiner will know that you are still targeting your answer to this question. [it also helps with the flow] CONCLUSION a] Should refer back to the title. b] Summarises the main arguments of the essay. c] Evaluates the debate based on the "weight of evidence " and not on your personal opinion. PLAN OF ACTION 1. Read and carefully decode the title. 2. Locate and gather together information: your notes from lectures, relevant books,journals and page numbers, also articles you wish to use. You need time to do this part. 3. From all your sources make notes that are appropriate for THIS essay. List names and studies you want to use. 4. Make the plan. INTRODUCTION Signposts / definitions. MAIN BODY Flow and logical progression. [see examples at ** **] CONCLUSION Summarising referring back to the title and the argument on the weight of evidence. 5. First draft. You can make short quotes but quotation marks are necessary " " and you must reference any quotes. Don't quote whole paragraphs. 6. Write it. If it is written in a non exam environment, you should reference all your citations. LENGTH? If you do it at home about 1500 words—or the specified number from your tutor [but not too many more or less]. You don't count your references in this number. If it is in an exam environment, then write as much as you can. A well planned shorter essay that answers THIS question, is better than a rambling, long, vague wander through a series of flabby words! [ It will probably be 4 sides upwards ]

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Order IdEHUK4867Order TypeEssayWords2500Deadline2015-03-12Topiccase studySubjectBusinessRefrence SystemWriter NameDM AssociateAdditional Requirementchoose one of the case study from list.Admin RemarkNeed a high standard of work Please follow the primary research strictly Do make sure all the requirements have met and cross checked. No basic mistakes will be accepted such as - grammar , spelling error, meaningless lengthy sentences, missing references , PLAGIARISM and/or SIMILARITIES..



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