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Essay Discussion 1 Your Personal Cultural Profile social identity and discovering of bias differences and the co-cultural explanations

Essay Discussion 1 Your Personal Cultural Profile social identity and discovering of bias/differences and the co-cultural explanations (20 points)2 to 3 pages and make sure you reference resources, text, your own sources in the body of the essay. Credit sources.
Discuss each of the following. This what you write about for Essay 1
– A large part of our identity is determined by the groups to which we belong. What groups or subcultures are you part of? 1. Define your social/cultural identity. Begin by defining culture and co-culture please reference our text. Do show me you understand the difference. How does” membership” in these groups define you within the larger American society?. Look at the identity factors in the bracketed paragraph, 3rd paragraph below, and what we discussed in class. (Handout)
2. What” social agents”(family,friends,media,, teachers, clergy etc.) were most significant in shaping your identity and your perception of groups in society. ie What values did your family instill. What kind of a person did they want you to be? You may ask your “socializers!” Do you have those characteristics ? 3.When did you begin to be made aware of the differences in groups of people. Co-cultures different from your own. Was it explained to you. ? By whom? How did you feel? What were you taught about other co-culture groups. Were actions and behavior different from”words”? was some of what was communicated unintentional or done without conscious deliberation? Some groups are better than others? Stereotypes? Bias? In your opinion what are the roots of bias?.
[Sex, race, social class, military background, family structure, ethnicity or social identity, religion, our towns, voluntary organizations, gender, sexual orientation, education, personal appearance etc. may be significant groups. Ethnicity or religion and race sometimes play a significant role in how we are socialized..] Social identity/co-culture factors. Who are the “teachers?”.
4. Describe an early encounter with prejudice to you or that you observed. Describe that interaction/situation How did it make you feel?. Explain it in terms of co-culture values and beliefs about the “differences” between the aggresive co-culture and those who were being oppressed..” Make sure you have defined culture and co-culture” What bias or prejudice was being exhibited? What was one co-culture member “saying” about the other co-culture’s member? Again what are the roots of bias in your opinion? Is it taught unconsciously, not just by what is said but with judgements and actions with regard to feelings about other co-cultures.?
{Would you feel comfortable asking a member of your family if bias was “taught” perhaps unconsciously at some point in the past of your family history. ? Not required just a thought.} AS you talk in paragraph 2 you might want to do this.
5. – How does this personal cultural profile affect the ways you communicate with those of different co-cultures and whose social identity might be different from yours.? Before writing, using the text as a reference, make sure you define culture and co/sub cultures as a base for the essay. Reference the text and explain how culture inculcates what the culture is about and how we “teach” people about “groups” within our culture/society. Who are these socialization agents that shape form and mold the way we perceive members of our society. You did this above, but to re=emphasis, name the ones that were most significant to you and HOW IT MIGHT HAVE EFFECTED HOW YOU PERCEIVE WISH TO INITIATE CONTACT AND COMMUNICATE WITH ANOTHER .
6. REITERATE how bias is taught and what are it’s roots.
Also Required: include at least 2 references to your assigned text in the essay quotes and pages.. Refer to chapters 1-2 there are other areas in book that are relevant and of course your own research. in the Jandt book peruse the book as there are other chapters that could define the essay. Other sources are okay, but not opinion, but based on some sort of research. Cite by giving authors last name and the page numbers in parentheses next to your references.
Your essay should be between 2 and 3 typed pages.
To be eligible for full credit, the essay must have title, be submitted ON TIME, typed, and carefully proofread for all errors. Late papers have 3 points deducted and not accepted after one week.

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