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Home / Questions / ent C) process D) entity 22) When you use a computer to write a class report, you are u

ent C) process D) entity 22) When you use a computer to write a class report, you are u


C) process

D) entity

22) When you use a computer to write a class report, you are using the computer, storage disk, keyboard, and monitor as tools. You use MS Word or some other word processing program, and type words, sentences, and paragraphs in your report. You also enter your report into the program, print it, and save and back up your file. In this situation, identify the procedure component of an information system.

A) using the computer and storage disk

B) using the keyboard and monitor

C) entering the report, printing it, and saving it

D) using words, sentences, and paragraphs

23) Which of the following is an example of the hardware component of an information system?

A) Web browser

B) operating system

C) microprocessor

D) data file

24) The five-component framework of an information system consists of computer hardware, software, data, people, and ________.

A) bugs

B) procedures

C) device drivers

D) tools

25) In a grocery store, the clerk scans the UPC code on an item, which is transmitted to the computer. The actual scanner device is an example of the ________ component of an IS.

A) hardware

B) software

C) data

D) procedures

26) Which of the following is NOT a key element of the definition of management information systems (MIS)?

A) information systems

B) organizational hierarchy and work structure

C) development and use

D) business goals and objectives

27) Which of the following is a valid reason for a company to create a new information system?

A) The company needs to project a modern image.

B) The company does not want to fall behind the technology curve.

C) The new information system will increase employee productivity.

D) Most companies in the industry use information systems.

28) Which of the following is the most complete and accurate definition of information technology?

A) the products, methods, inventions, and standards that are used to produce information

B) an assembly of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that produces information

C) systems that are used to process the information that is produced using technology

D) the various data models and software that are used to interpret available information

29) Which of the following distinguishes information systems from information technology?

A) people

B) data

C) software

D) hardware

30) Which of the following is the most crucial requirement for the success of a security system?

A) Users should take security seriously.

B) Firewalls should be installed and updated regularly.

C) Administrative authority should be distributed among team members.

D) Anti-virus software should be installed.

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