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Each essay question should be at least full paragraph with no less than 6 sentences per paragraph Originality reports should be under

Each essay question should be at least 1 full paragraph with no less than 6 sentences per paragraph. Originality reports should be under 49%. ALSO Cite all sources you use in APA style and provide an APA-style reference list at the end of your post. Please use Biopsychology Pinal & Barnes 2017 10th edtion when cited also, when when you wanna use secondary sources you have to use As cited in.1. What is LTP? Why is LTP so interesting to researchers? Describe a specific demonstration of
LTP at a hippocampal site of your choice. Include a diagram if possible. Use APA format2. Describe the conventional protocol for developing new psychotherapeutic drugs (be specific).
Recommend one way in which you think that this protocol could be improved. Discuss your
recommendation. Use APA Format 3. Discuss the case of David Reimer, the twin who lost his penis. How was his condition treated?
Was the treatment effective? What can we learn from
this case? Describe two major points? Use APA format
4.Most neuropsychological diseases of genetic origin are not associated with a dominant gene.
Explain why this is so, and describe two situations in which there could be an exception to this
general principle. Finally, describe a neuropsychological disease associated with a dominant gene, and explain why it is an exception.Use APA format 5. Discuss Korsakoff’s syndrome and the amnesia associated with it. What areas of the brain have
been linked to Korsakoff’s syndrome, and what is
the evidence for these links? Use APA Format 6. Discuss the two mechanisms by which rats cope with deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, and describe relevant research. Why do so many humans experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Use APA format7. Describe the physiological correlates of dreaming. What has the study of these correlates taught us about dreaming? Describe two key studies as part of your answer. Use APA format.8. Describe the groundbreaking study of Myers and Sperry on splitbrain cats. Explain why it has
beenso influential, and describe three of its contributions. Use APA Format 9. Describe and discuss two important ideas that have emerged from research on the effects of
stress on health. Explain the research that led to each idea and why it is important. Use APA format.10. Make three reasonable recommendations for improving the ways in which your country deals
with the drug addiction problem. Base your recommendations on relevant research findings and
logical arguments. Use APA format.

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