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Dynamics of Humanitarian Group Work Description/Focus

Dynamics of Humanitarian Group Work






1000 words

A minimum of 8 ACADEMIC REFERENCES required in APA 6th Style


You are a Humanitarian worker in a non-government organisation (NGO) and you have been asked to plan about the following new group:

A therapy group for young women with eating disorders.

In an essay format, state which group you have chosen, what type of task or treatment group you think it is, and discuss how you would plan and begin the group.

Format (Academic Essay Format with Introduction, Body and Conclusion):

  • Definition and discussion of group type (using the Toseland and Rivas typology) (20%)
  • Identification of planning considerations for this type of group (20%)
  • Discussion of how you would manage the beginning stages of the group work (20%)
  • Evidence of wide reading on the topic and integration of this into your essay (at least 9 ACADEMIC REFERENCES) (10%)
  • Use of group work theory to support your ideas (20%)
  • Adherence to academic conventions in referencing (APA 6th both in In- Text Citation and Reference list). clear writing style, correct grammar and spelling (10%).


N.B: MUST use All the references from the list provided below.

For other references Must use Academic sources for example Books and Journal. No website or page references is acceptable.

  1. Toseland, R & Rivas, R. (2017)Introduction to Group Work Practice. 8th Ed. Pearson Education, MA.

2. Urania Glassman. (2009). Group work: A humanistic and skills building approach sage sourcebooks for the human services series 13. US: Sage Publications Inc. [e-book]

  1. Zastrow, C. (2012).Social work with groups: A comprehensive worktext. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.


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