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Does the regions climate and terrain offer a natural advantage for producing this item

Does the regions climate and terrain offer a natural advantage for producing this item?
7. How important is this food item to the region or countrys economy?
8. Where are the markets for this food item (globally) how much of production is exported, how
much is consumed domestically?
9. In what way do state policies such as price supports, irrigation projects, or land use policies
support or hinder the production of this item in this place?
C. How and where is your ingredient processed and transported to market?
10. Identify any characteristics of the food item that necessitate particular means of handling,
processing and transportation (e.g., perishability, fragility, speed and conditions for ripening).
11. Where are the largest markets for this item?
12. Include images, maps, and charts or graphs that show the process. Make sure you cite where you
found these images.
D. How is your ingredient advertised and marketed in Canada?
13. What images and types of language do advertisements employ? What seem to be the
characteristics of the targeted market? (i.e children, adults, etc?) What elements of the packaging
convey a sense of the market for the product?
14. Include images of how this product is marketed. You can include photos that you took at your own
local supermarket in addition to photos found online. Make sure you cite where you found these
E. Map
15. Use a base map most appropriate to your commodity and map the commodity chain from site of
production, through distribution channels, to your own home here in the Vancouver region. You
can find base maps here. This map should be hand produced, by you. Make sure to include a
title, and legend, for the information presented.
Your entire response should be typed, have a length of approximately 800-1000 words (2-3
pages), and be double-spaced. You do not need a title page.
This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. You should not copy the work of other students; use your
OWN words to answer the questions.
Please write in full sentences and included the lettered headings, and associated numbers
before each of your responses (A, B, C, etc.). Also, please include a short introduction before,
and conclusion after you have answered all of the questions in Part IV.
Columbia College Geography 100 Hodson | Fall 2018
Be specific and explicit in your responses: someone with no prior knowledge of this topic
should be able to read what youve written and gain a reasonable understanding of the issues
being discussed. Do not assume I know what you mean when you use a key term. This means
you need to define key terms (eg. commodity chain) in your response.
In general, try to paraphrase rather than using multiple, lengthy, direct quotes. If you do use
material from external sources, use APA style in order to properly cite where the information
came from.

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