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determine the impact of varied motivational theories on staff performance at Apple Inc...

1.2.1 Research Aims: Following are the research aims: • To determine the impact of varied motivational theories on staff performance at Apple Inc. • To identify the necessity of positivism to develop happy customers and make them loyal towards the firm. • To evaluate the extent to which the current motivational theories at Apple Inc is effective in staff retention 1.2.2 Research Objectives: Mentioned below are the objectives of the study, farmed from the aims: • To identify the relation between employee motivation and employee innovation and skills. • To assess the present staff content level of Apple Inc. • To identify the impact of job satisfaction and employee motivation for innovative skill development at Apple Inc. • To provide suggestions for developing job satisfaction and staff motivation at Apple Inc, aimed at building employee innovation and skills. 1.3 Research Questions: The following are the research question of the study: 1. What are the possible ways for building relationship between employee motivation and employee connectivity? 2. What are the probable ways for managers to opt for the best motivational theory that would effectively work upon all organization’s staff? 3. How can motivational theories be effective to retain employees?

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Chapter 3: Research Methodology 3.0 Introduction: The researcher has intended to compile the entire study through a systematic way of linking the objectives with research outcomes obtained from the study. As stated by Bernard (2011), the research methodology basically focuses on appropriate approach and design. In this chapter, the author has aimed to provide a brief regarding the method undertaken with the rationale for selecting such options. 3.1 Research Preposition: The key intention of the present study is to expose the motivational factors and the role of employee satisfaction that can effectively manipulate the work force of Apple Inc, in order to explore the creativity of the employees. Research aims and objectives supported by the research questions have been resolved through a systematic use of both the primary and secondary data. Lancaster (2012) has found that the sample size in the case of quantitative data needs to be above 55 as it brings forth reliability issue for the current research. In that case, 150 employees and 50 managers of the organisation have been taken from the survey in collecting primary data through questionnaire survey method. The probability sampling method has been used in selecting the respondents so that randomness can be maintained. 3.2 Research Philosophy: According to Cameron (2009), research methodology in the study helps the researcher to choose suitable research approaches at the initial stage of the study. Positivism, Realism and Interpretivism are three basic philosophies used in most of the researches. The philosophy of positivism is used in the studies based on social and organisational realities that reflect the biological aspects of the research in reflecting research procedures. Ellis and Levy (2009) have opined that realism is more based on the tangible objectives involved in the research irrespective to the human perception. However, Interpretivism explores the difference between the social studies and research...



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