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Designing viable strategies for a firm requires a thorough understanding of the firm's ind

Designing viable strategies for a firm requires a thorough understanding of the firm's industry, its competition, and the social, economic and political environments in which the firm operates. Additionally, the executives of the firm need always to address four questions: (1) What are the boundaries of the industry? (2) What is the structure of the industry? (3) What firms are competitors? (4) What are the major determinants of competition? The answers to these questions provide a basis for thinking about appropriate strategies that are open to the firm. As managers, you will be expected to provide essential elements of the key components of the questions asked above. Specifically, in the industry analysis in which you are about to engage in, you will make every effort to keep these questions in mind as you prepare the industry analysis and competitive strategy for the portfolio of firms you have selected for your project. The basic considerations and an outline follow. Finally, the Industry Analysis demonstrates comprehension of the key competencies presented in the course. An outstanding paper will evidence usage of the major core sections of the texts books, demonstration of the tools, and presentation of analysis in an extremely well written form which documents sources and references. Format of the Industry Analysis The industry analysis is a report and should be presented in a form that allows comparison across individual companies. Thus, a format is provided which will facilitate comparison. The format is provided below. Cover Page Table of Contents Table of Figures 1. Introduction 2. Recent History of the Portfolio of Companies 3. Components of the Strategic Management Model 4. Contending Forces and/or Contestable Markets 5. Financial Analysis 6. Forecasts 7. Comparative Analysis on Profitability and Outlook 8. Summary and Conclusions References Sources: Only the following sources are approved for the paper: • Baye and Heij • Mergent Online, which includes Reports (10K and Annual Reports), Competition, and on the Gate (entry page relevant information about the company (no financial information)), and News information about the company in Mergent Online. • Net Advantage (Standard and Poor’s): GSI Library: Journals and Databases • Investopedia (for definitions, especially ratios) • Use company information for the Mission Statement ONLY. Only citations from these sources are approved and should appear as citations in the document. Use of other citations result in point deductions, as all information required for the paper can be found in the above documents. The purpose for limiting resource information is to make reports homogeneous in reporting and to show coverage of the material using these sources. In addition, it negates time spent using additional resources for information that may be irrelevant to the purpose of the paper.

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