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Dear Students As discussed I will not be with you in week 9 and 10 but will be available on 10th of April between

Dear Students As discussed, I will not be with you in week 9 and 10 but will be available on 10th of April, between 10:00 - 11:00 in G04 to discuss any assignment related issues. I have uploaded a further Reading List on LiveCampus but its still your responsibility to research relevant and up-to-date information (Discover will be a good start) to support your assignment along with appropriate level of complexity, critical thinking, analysis and evaluation. Please read the below points to be considered while writing your PGBM15 assignment to improve the academic writing quality of your assignment. • Please read and follow the instructions and requirements of the assignment brief. • It has been observed that generally the assignment appear to be superficial, not well researched, and certainly not well applied. • It seems students only read few commercial articles online and invest less than a week writing their assignments. • would like to see more 'academic thoughts', hence there should be more academic references within the reference list. • Students have to go beyond PEST, SWOT, Porters' five forces and use ideas from advanced journal articles to achieve higher grades. • It is also equally important that they should draw strategic inspiration from other companies or industries and refer them as an example within their assignment. • In most of the cases, the introductions is vague, weak, and executive summaries almost non existent. • Need to write a proper executive summery and set some clear objectives for the report from the beginning. Follow appropriate report writing format. • In order to achieve over 70%, a student needs to produce an exceptional work with lots of advanced theoretical ideas and their application within their selected context. • SWOT and PEST analysis needs to be more than just bullet points. Any comments made should be well justified. • Recommendations need to be more than just bullet points. They needs to be supported by facts and figures and built upon specific theoretical foundations • Students needs to give required thought and space for all three parts in the assignment (Part 1 - 30%, Part 2 - 40% and Part 3 - 30%) as it has been observed that Recommendation part is usually neglected and/or briefly discussed at the end. Wish you all the best! Regards Areeba • Research, analyse and evaluatethe dynamicsand trendswithin the marketing environment of your chosen holiday cruise company [30%] • Using appropriate sources, discuss the importance of market research, marketing mix and service innovation for your chosen holiday cruise company [40%] • As a newly appointed marketing manager of your chosen holiday cruise companywhat marketing techniqueswill you use to increasecompetitiveness and sustainability of your company? Your suggestions must be inspired by appropriate theories and real-life/academic case studies. [30%] *You can choose aholiday cruise companyfrom the list given on Page 6or you can chose a holiday cruise company of your choice. Your chosen company MUST have a website and international presence. Your arguments, findings and recommendations should be supported by theories, facts and figures published within academic books, journal articles

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