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cross cultural management

the assignment is about cross culture management. i have attached the file named under (cross cultural management.docx) . all the details about how to do and what to do and choice of selecting a topic can be find in that file.

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Hi   The assessment (40% weight) for this MGT205 Cross Cultural Management is a syndicate-based Group Assignment, with not more than 3000 words assessments.   Every group members must provide 15 minutes presentation as part of the second assessment process:   ? 5% weight will be rewarded for your research proposal, submission on week 10 (Due next week 04 May,2015) ? 25% weight will be dedicated for your research for week 12 (13 May, 2015) ? 10% weight will be allocated for the presentation in week 12 (13 May, 2015) Here are the four learning outcomes for your second assessment.   LO 1: Understand cultural differences in international business environments and evaluate culture-based risks and challenges for international managers;   LO 2: Evaluate the role of culture in the management of diversity and communicate across cultures;   LO 3: Determine strategies of developing international managers;   LO 4: Develop both oral and written communication skills and an ability to present your arguments on issues and recommendations in the context of cross-cultural management of international business.   Week 10 - Research Proposal ( just one page)– 04 May, 2015   You need to type the following issues in a page and submit during class time:   ? Topic of your research (you can choose any topic from the 6 topics at page 2) ? Write down the importance of the topic in 100 words, relevant to the cross cultural management ? Identify and write the name of the four relevant high quality articles that will be used for your research along with other secondary sources - APA or Harvard style format, check the ELITE Bibliography attachment     Week 12 - Second Assessment - 13 May, 2015   Hard copy must be submitted by 11 am during class time.   Students are required to form a group (not more than 4) and further to identify the key areas within a multi-cultural context.  Some tentative research topics may include: a.      Cross-cultural negotiation of a business...



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