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Critically evaluative discussion with necessary description: c) Conclusion and recommendations...

Students must demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge. They should use Harvard Referencing to demonstrate that they have read beyond the set textbooks for the module. There should be references to journal articles and specialist texts. Owing to the applied nature of this module, examples drawn directly from company sources and specialist publications should also be expected. A minimum of 2 relevant theories accounted for, limited reading apparent: 0 to 12 References to a range of recommended journals, books and other sources: 13 to 19 References to a wide range of high quality sources beyond those expected: 20 -25 a) Application (25%) This assignment should be supported with appropriate examples to demonstrate the ability to apply theory. 2 organisations should be employed to support the theoretical review. Marks should be allocated as follows: Includes few examples: 0 to 8 Includes and explains sufficient examples: 9 to 14 Examples included also linked to the theory accounted for: 15 to 19 As above, but with a strong bias to relevant contemporary examples: 20+ b) Discussion and insight (25%) This is an important part of the assessment. There should be a critically evaluative discussion of the assignment topic, not simply description. The best marks will be awarded for comparing and contrasting the different literature sources and the development of a logical argument. Wholly descriptive: 0 to 8 Mainly descriptive but containing some discussion: 9 to 14 Roughly equal amounts of description and critical evaluation: 15 to 19 Critically evaluative discussion with necessary description: 20+ c) Conclusion and recommendations (15%) Summarizes the key points from the assignment and draws them together to demonstrate an understanding of the literature and the formulation of an informed opinion. The student is expected to make his/her recommendations based on his earlier discussion. Inconclusive, limited support, few recommendations: 0 to 4 Conclusion with some support, some recommendations: 5 to 9 Conclusion that draws together the theory and the cases



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