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Consumer Behaviour Answer the following questions in APA format. Each question should not

Consumer Behaviour 

Answer the following questions in APA format. Each question should not be less than 250 words and references should be provided. Case studies are attached below.

 Part One 

  1. Chapter 5: Case 1: Porsche, p. 52
  2. Chapter 4. Ex. 4: Find two examples of ads that are designed to arouse latent consumer needs and discuss their effectiveness.
  3. Chapter 5. Ex. 2: Find three print advertisements based on Freudian personality theory. Discuss how Freudian concepts are used in these ads. Do any of the ads personify a brand? If so, how?.

Part Two 

  • Chapter 9: Case 2: Proctor & Gamble, p. 166
  • Chapter 8. Ex. 2: What sources influenced your attitudes about this course before classes started? Has your initial attitude changed since the course started? If so, how?
  • Chapter 9. Ex. 2: Describe two situations in which you served as an opinion leader and two situations in which you sought consumption-related advice or information from an opinion leader. Indicate your relationship to the persons with whom you interacted. Are the circumstances during which you engaged in word-of-mouth communications consistent with those in the text's material? Explain.

Part Three

  • Chapter 11: Case Three: Lifebuoy/Unilever Asia Private Limited, p. 168
  • Chapter 10. Ex. 2: Identify one traditional family and one nontraditional family (or household) featured in a TV sitcom or series. (The two families/households can be featured in the same or in different television shows). Classify the traditional group into one stage of the traditional FLC. Classify the nontraditional group into one of the categories described in Table 10-6. Select two characters of the same gender and approximate age, one from each group, and compare their consumption behavior (such as clothes, furniture, stated or implied attitudes toward spending money).
  • Chapter 11. Ex. 2: Think of various routines in your everyday life (such as grooming or food preparation). Identify one ritual and describe it. In your view, is this ritual shared by others? If so, to what extent? What are the implications of your ritualistic behavior to the marketer(s) of the product(s) you use during your routine?

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