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Consumer Behavior Complete the following questions in paragraph format. Find two print ads

Consumer Behavior

Complete the following questions in paragraph format.

Find two print ads, one illustrating the use of the affective component and the other illustrating the cognitive component. Discuss each ad in the context of the tricomponent model. In your view, why has each marketer taken the approach it did in each of these ads?

Find one example of each of the following two advertising appeals: fear and sex. One example must be a print ad and the other a TV commercial. Analyze the placement of each advertisement in the medium, in which it appeared according to the media selection criteria, presented in Table 9-5. (Chapter 9)

Select two households featured in two different TV series or sitcoms. Classify each household into one of the social classes discussed in the text, and analyze its lifestyle and consumption behavior.

Answer the following questions:

a.. Summarize an episode of a weekly television series that you watched recently. Describe how the program transmitted cultural beliefs, values, and customs.

b. Select and describe three commercials that were broadcast during the program mentioned in 3a. Do these commercials create or reflect cultural values? Explain your answer.

Using one of the subculture categories listed in Table 12-1 (Chapter 12), identify a group that can be regarded as a subculture within your university or college.

a. Describe the norms, values, and behaviors of the subculture's members.

b. Interview five members of that subculture regarding attitudes toward the use of credit cards.

c. What are the implications of your findings for marketing credit cards to the group you selected?

Select one of the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Israel, Kuwait, Japan, or Australia. Assume that a significant number of people in the country you chose would like to visit the United States and have the financial means to do so. Now, imagine you are a consultant for your state's tourism agency and you have been charged with developing a promotional strategy to attract tourists from the country you chose. Conduct a computerized literature search of the databases in your school's library and select and read several articles about the lifestyles, customs, and consumption behavior of people in the country you chose. Prepare an analysis of the articles and, on the basis of what you read, develop a promotional strategy designed to persuade tourists from that country to visit your state.

With the advancement of digital technology, some companies are introducing interactive TV systems that will allow viewers to select films from video libraries and view them on demand. Among people you know, identify two who are likely to be the innovators for such a new service and construct consumer profiles using the characteristics of consumer innovators discussed in the text.

Writing Requirements

  • 6-7 page paper in APA format
  • Cite minimum of one other credible research source and/or case study for each question.
  • Use the Databases and APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.

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