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Computer virus?

The other day I got online and noticed all of these ads popping up everywhere. I checked my extensions in chrome and found four that I hadn't installed. I immediately removed them from chrome and then went to the programs and features from the control panel and deleted the corresponding programs. I closed chrome completely and restarted my computer. Upon reboot, I reopened chrome and one of the extensions was back And continues to come back after removal. It's called UNIDeaLsa 2.0 I downloaded the free version of AVG and ran a scan last night that found 7 threats including a Trojan horse, so I deleted them and restated my computer. Today, I was just reading fanfiction and messing around on tumblr when I got the blue screen of death. I immediately turned off the WiFi and restarted the computer. It is now running another full scan that has already found 5 more threats. How can I get rid of this virus for good?

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Answer (Solved)

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