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Commitment is a vital part of an intimate relationship

Commitment is a vital part of an intimate relationship. It means that the people involved

a.expect the other person to make them feel alive, take away their boredom, and make them feel valued and important. not need to find meaning and sources of nourishment outside the relationship.

c.have an investment in their future together and are willing to stay with each other in times of crisis and conflict.

d.repress their anger and frustrations in order to avoid conflict.



12.All the following are barriers to communication except

a.silently rehearsing what you will say next while you are listening.

b.telling others how they are, rather than telling them how they affect you.

c.making genuine contact by openly expressing what you think and feel.

d.selective listening.



13.Self-unforgiveness has been found to be associated with

a.higher anger.

b.anxiety and shame. dissatisfaction.

d. poorer mental health.

e.all of the above.



14.Empathy, which is a basic component in any interpersonal relationship, is best understood as

a.offering sympathy for another.

b.having the ability to attribute meaning to statements without checking them out.

c.entering another’s world by listening with respect and understanding.

d.showing pity for another.



15.   Gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals are frequently confronted with

a.    heterosexism

b.    interpersonal discrimination

c.    verbal harassment

d.    institutional discrimination

e.    all of the above



16.   When should a couple terminate a significant relationship?

a.    Only after they have been in couples counseling for one year.

b.    If one of the partners is unfaithful and refuses to end the affair.

c.    After a major disagreement.

d.    No categorical answer can be given to this question.



17.The Coreys’ discussion of the content and process of communication is influenced by the Euro-American slant that prizes

a.indirect communication.

b.harmony within the family, which makes it inappropriate for adult children to confront their parents.

c.avoidance of direct eye contact. communication and making eye contact when speaking.



18.From the Coreys’ perspective, each of the following statements describes meaningful conversation between two persons, except

a.The language is specific and concrete.

b.Each makes “You” statements in order to include both points of view.

c.The speaker makes personal statements instead of bombarding the other with impersonal questions.

d.There is a congruency between the verbal and nonverbal messages.



19.The following statement is specific and concrete:

a.“I feel manipulated.”

b.“You never pay attention to me.”

c.“I don’t like it when you don’t call if you are going to be late because I worry about you.”

d.“You are self-centered and never think about anybody but yourself.”



20. In dealing effectively with anger and conflict in relationships it is best to avoid

a.expressing persistent annoyances.

b.expressing feelings in a direct and honest way.

c.stuffing feelings to preserve harmony.

d.telling others feelings and thoughts that may be difficult for them to hear.

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