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Coloring books and dittos are discouraged by most early childhood educators because a.t

  Coloring books and dittos are discouraged by most early childhood educators because

a.they inhibit creative expression.

b.they are developmentally inappropriate, because of the fine motor control required for coloring within the lines.

c.most coloring book pictures are of inferior artistic quality and provide a poor aesthetic model.

d.All of these answers.

22.              By definition, print making differs from painting in that

a.the print-making utensil leaves a single imprint on the paper.

b.only a single color of paint is used in print making.

c.a different type of paint is needed.

d.a different type of paper is needed.

23.              Modeling arts differ from graphic arts in that

a.modeling arts are more appropriate for older rather than for younger children.

b.modeling arts have depth, height, and solidity in addition to color and shape.

c.modeling arts are representational, whereas graphic arts can be either abstract or representational.

d.more sophisticated materials and equipment are needed for modeling arts than for graphic arts.

24.              Teachers can help children learn to appreciate art from their own culture by

a.All of these answers.

b.display prints of art works and books that show reproductions of such art in the classroom.

c.invite local artists to share their talents.

d.take the children on excursions to art galleries, museums, or performances.

25.              A creative combination of materials, kept together by glue or some other binding material, is called a

a.woodworking project.c.pasting activity.

b.collage.d.cut-and-glue project.

26.              Children who have not had experience in using scissors should be introduced to cutting with an activity in which they are

a.asked to cut along a straight line.

b.allowed to snip into sturdy paper.

c.given simple shapes to cut out.

d.shown a demonstration of how to cut by a teacher.

27.              A safe woodworking activity is one in which

a.toy tools are used.

b.blunt tools are used so that the children will not hurt themselves.

c.small-sized and high-quality tools are used.

d.teachers supervise use of electric tools with which it is easier to make an impact on wood.

28.              Aesthetics includes

a.a sense of enjoyment and appreciation for beauty in all its forms.

b.all forms of art.

c.appreciation for natural beauty as well as manmade creations .

d.All of these answers.

29.              Technological tools that can enhance children’s creative experiences include

a.drawing tablets.c.Internet. and non-digital cameras.d.All of these answers.

30.              Listening

a.should be included in the early childhood curriculum as a special theme during a week focused on the senses.

b.should not be relegated to a once-a-year topic, but frequently incorporated into a variety of activities.

c.should be included in the early childhood curriculum on a regular, structured basis so that the children have five minutes of listening time scheduled during one large group activity. not necessary to include in the curriculum, because listening is a natural activity in which we all engage.


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