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Cody is a middle manager with Corwell Corporation. When on a business trip with other midd

Cody is a middle manager with Corwell Corporation. When on a business trip with other middle managers, Cody is required to fly coach while the other middle managers fly first class. Cody is Hispanic, while his boss and the other managers are African-American. This is most likely an example of:

A) adverse impact.

B) disparate impact.

C) disparate treatment.

D) affirmative action.

21) SkySeekers, Inc. uses an employment test that seems to screen out a disproportionate number of young Asian-American women. If true, this practice would be an example of:

A) the four-fifths rule.

B) adverse impact.

C) disparate treatment.

D) unequal treatment.

22) Which of the following is a characteristic of adverse impact?

A) Neutral actions

B) Prejudiced actions

C) Unequal treatment

D) Direct discrimination

23) B.J. is among a group of 25 applicants for a manager's position. As part of the selection process, all applicants take an exam. It is apparent from the results that African-American applicants tend to score lower than any other subgroup. B.J. is African-American and not selected because of his test score. B.J. may have grounds to sue due to:

A) disparate treatment.

B) adverse impact.

C) a violation of Executive Order 11246.

D) a violation of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act.

24) The Supreme Court case, Albemarle Paper Company vs. Moody, ruled that:

A) the four-fifths rule must be applied in only selective cases of clear discrimination.

B) employment tests must be valid predictors of job performance.

C) disparate treatment is illegal.

D) age discrimination is illegal.

25) An employer can defend an employment practice that might otherwise be discriminatory if the employer:

A) employs fewer than 100 employees.

B) can demonstrate that at least four-fifths of employees are from protected classes.

C) is foreign held and only the plant is in the United States.

D) can demonstrate the job-relatedness of the criteria governing the job.

26) A charter bus company requires drug tests of all its drivers prior to every charter. As a consequence of this testing, accident rates have fallen by 75%. This test seems to screen out more young minority males than any other group or protected class. This drug test is most likely:

A) an example of disparate treatment.

B) illegal because of adverse impact on a protected class.

C) a prima facie case of discrimination based on race.

D) legally defensible as a reasonable business necessity.

27) Theresa Gomez has brought discrimination charges against Paper Makers, Inc. and has established a prima facie case based on the four-fifths rule. What most likely happens next?

A) Theresa must contact the EEOC for a right-to-sue letter.

B) Paper Makers, Inc. must now prove that the discrimination did not occur.

C) Theresa must prove that she is qualified for the position and was discriminated against simply because of her gender.

D) Paper Makers, Inc. must prove that it has been meeting the four-fifths rule for all other protected groups.

28) Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy was explicitly prohibited by the:

A) 1964 Civil Rights Act.

B) Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

C) 1991 Civil Rights Act.

D) Sexual Harassment Act of 1988.

29) During a conversation about a promotion with his boss, George is told that if he will meet her at the Slumberland Motel and spend the night with her, he will get the promotion. This is most likely an example of:

A) a hostile work environment.

B) harassment.

C) illegal employment discrimination.

D) "quid pro quo" sexual harassment.

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