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Choose an everyday object This essay is not about an object in general

 Choose an everyday object. This essay is not about an object in general. It must be specific, i.e. your mobile phone, laptop, car, personal belonging, household or workplace item. (I want to choose a mobile phone/iPhone)
2. When describing the object do not write a long history of the object.
3. Include a photo of the object in your essay. (I will do this after)
4. Choose an object from your everyday life as the focus of analysis (mobile phone); The object must be one that belongs to you or use/encounter daily; explain what it reveals about ourselves, the social forces that shape everyday life and broader modern life. In your essay you need to employ at least two of the concepts and/or theories in the unit (ie. gender, body, class, ethnicity and taste, presentation of self, rationalisation, McDonaldisation, technology, alienation, appropriation, civilising process, etc.). You must also cite scholarly references in support of your interpretation (minimum of 6 academic references can be used- please include at least 10 academic references).
5. Hints: Where is the object found? What is its origin? How is the object utilised? What is your relationship with the object? Has the meaning been transformed? What is its significance? - How does it structure your everyday routine? Does it hold social memory or reproduce social relations? What does the object represent?
Here talk about how important my mobile phone is for me as I rely on it, my everyday routine starts of by checking on my phone to see emails, work/uni things, social media. It has everything saved in-case I forget anything, keeps me entertained, used for weather app, communication with overseas family, socialising, calling/texting, banking, games, camera, photos, maps etc. Please answer this in relation to the areas covered in the unit course too.

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