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Children can be expected to display such self-help skills (with some supervision) as dre

  Children can be expected to display such self-help skills (with some supervision) as dressing, washing hands and face, and brushing teeth by the age of






12.              By age three, the young child’s manual control can be characterized by the ability to a tower of four to six small blocks and turn doorknobs.

b.make a bridge with blocks, and correctly place round and square pegs in a pegboard.

c.make intricate block structures and use a tripod grip.

d.None of these answers.




13.              In holding a crayon, a toddler is most likely to use a

a.pincer grasp.c.tripod grasp.

b.palmar grasp.d.bimanual grasp.




14.              Handedness is fairly well established around age






15.              The collection of information through sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch is called ____ input; the interpretation of that information is referred to as ____ input.

a.perceptual, sensoryc.sensory, motor

b.sensory, perceptuald.intuitive, cognitive




16.              Eye-hand coordination refers to children’s

a.increasingly accurate use of the hands as guided by information from the eyes.

b.ability to touch what they see as they explore the world around them. eyesight, which enables them to do tasks like threading a needle.

d.increasing ability to engage in tasks requiring bimanual control.




17.              The sense of hearing

a.develops soon after birth. present even before birth.

c.develops slowly, so during the first few months of life babies do not hear environmental sounds very well.

d.develops as a function of external stimulation, such as adults singing and reading to babies.




18.              Newborns

a.have excellent visual acuity but do not yet discriminate among various tastes.

b.have highly developed visual and hearing abilities.

c.have very limited tactile sensation.

d.have the ability to discriminate among pleasing and displeasing tastes and smells.





19.              Selection of the important features out of a complex environment, focus on the important aspects of those features, and discrimination among them are involved in

a.kinesthetics.c.motor development.

b.perception.d.sensory development.




20.              According to Pica,

a.many young children have overall low activity levels.

b.many young children do not get enough exercise.

c.Neither statement is correct.

d.Both statements are correct.

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