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Home / Questions / Childhood obesity is such a formidable threat to the well-being of an entire generation of

Childhood obesity is such a formidable threat to the well-being of an entire generation of

Childhood obesity is such a formidable threat to the well-being of an entire generation of young Americans that ______________introduced Let’s Move, a comprehensive initiative aimed at combating childhood obesity.

a.   fitness guru Richard Simmons

b.the producers of the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars

c.First Lady Michelle Obama

d.President Barack Obama



22.According to the Coreys, our body image

a.has little to do with our adjustment in other areas of life. determined mainly by how others perceive us.

  1.                 has nothing to do with cultural messages about our body.
  2.                is an important part of our self-concept.



23.Elaine is self-conscious about her body and thinks “If I don’t have the ideal body, people won’t like me.” She also believes there is nothing she can do to change her appearance. She is exhibiting

a.common self-defeating thoughts about body image.

  1.                a judgmental view of how others perceive her.
  2.                 the first step towards challenging self-defeating patterns.
  3.                a realistic view of how her looks affect her relationships with others.



24.If you feel that you are basically unattractive, you may

a.tell yourself that others will see your defects and not want to be with you.

b.contribute to the reactions that others have towards you by the messages you send them. perceived by others as aloof, distant, or judgmental.

d.want to get close to others but be frightened of the possibility of meeting rejection.

e.all of the above.



25.Childhood obesity can lead to problems such as


b.heart disease.


d. cancer.

e.all of the above



26.People who find that their weight is significantly affecting the way they feel about their body, yet are unable to lose weight, may give the following reason for their failure to do so:

a.“I’ve tried every diet program there is, and I just can’t seem to stick to one.”

b.“Every time I’ve lost weight, I’ve put it on again.”

  1.                 “I don’t particularly like the way I look, but it takes too much effort to change it.”
  2.                all of the above.



27.Regarding weight problems and body image,

a.the same standards for ideal weight holds true across all cultures.

b.anorexia and bulimia are frequently linked to the internalization of unrealistic standards.

  1.                 men rarely obsess about having a perfect body.
  2.                overweight people overeat simply because they get too hungry between meals.



28. Making a change in one’s lifestyle

  1.                 almost always happens shortly after recognizing the need to change.
  2.                is a process, not a single event.
  3.                 almost always is related to a significant loss.
  4.                will not be permanent in the vast majority of cases .



29. Which of the following statements below is false regarding physical activity in today’s society?

a.  Walks to and from school have been replaced by car and bus rides.

b.Gym class and after-school sports have been cut in many schools.

c.Only one-half of high school students get the recommended levels of physical activity.

d.Adolescents spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media, including TV, computers, video games, cell phones and movies, reducing their time spent engaging in physical activity.



30. Samantha, who is taking a heavy course load this semester, has been falling asleep in class and at home when she studies. She also seems moody, irritable, overly sensitive to criticism, tense, and she has difficulty concentrating and remembering things. A likely cause of these symptoms is

a.   a boring instructor.

b.  course material that is too difficult for her to comprehend.

c.  sleep deprivation.

d.  early onset Alzheimer’s Disease

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