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CHCPOL003: Research and Apply Evidence to Practice – Infection control – Report Writing...

CHCPOL003: Research and Apply Evidence to Practice – Infection control – Report Writing Assignment Help


You are a new enrolled nurse working in a clinic located in a remote area. The clinic building is an older structure and lacks the use of clinical and client information, such as posters. It has been identified that many of the staff are efficient in their roles but have some out-of-date ideas in their nursing practice.

The clinic manager has asked you to research the most current information about a specific topic, such as:

Infection control

In order to complete this assessment, you need to identify TWO (2) areas related to the topic, where research can help support and improve your own practice as an EN.

Identify the reason(s) for undertaking your research from the list below.

You may select several reasons.

Provide a brief rationale for each.

Write a clear statement highlighting your research question or hypothesis, e.g. “Is there a difference between hand washing protocols and actual practice”.

It may include:

Nursing interventions applicable to the topic

Client perceptions of the provision of this topic

Models of nursing care that utilise the topic

Political issues confronting nursing practice and health care provision in relation to the topic

Establish and define the general research objective.

Identify ONE (1) other discipline that could be connected to this research activity.

Briefly explain your choice of discipline.

In order to gather information about the research topic, you will need to access credible sources of data and evidence.

List two (2) sources you intend to use for this assignment.

Copy the link address of the source and paste it next to the source’s name – this will provide the proof to your assessor that you accessed it.

Evaluate and select a maximum of two (2) methods of gathering information you think would be most appropriate to answer your research question.

Briefly explain why you have chosen a particular method over another, e.g. more time efficient.

You are now to gather information for your research topic using a systematic approach.

Stages for your information gathering activity

Statement of objective – you should have already completed that step

Data collection, i.e. a literature search

Data evaluation – critiquing articles to include or exclude them from the review.

You may use the appraisal tools developed by JBI to help you

Analysis – comparing, contrasting, challenging & reflecting

Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.

Briefly explain why one (1) piece of your information is particularly relevant according to your objectives and your workplace requirements.

In order to facilitate your analysis, organise the information you have found.

Prioritise information based on the research objectives.

Using questions 9 and 10 to help you, select only TWO (2) articles that you will keep for the rest of this assignment.

Compare and contrast your two (2) sources of information.

Use the table provided in Appendix A.

You must complete all the sections.

Instructions in italics are to be removed.

You have now thoroughly analysed the information available to you. Now draw conclusions based on your findings.

As your findings may be used to establish evidence-based practice, identify one (1) impact your conclusions may have, in terms of duty of care requirements.

E.g. in order to do no harm to the clients and prevent disease transmission, all nurses should wear gloves when touching the client .

Assess one (1) way in which different aspects of information may be used in your workplace.

Using and reflecting on what you have learnt from your research

Identify one area for change in your workplace or current practice.

Identify issues that require further research and evaluation.

Using one piece of A4 paper or PowerPoint (1 slide) (portrait format), develop a poster or a flyer to address outcomes of research, i.e. select a method to disseminate your findings.

You will be required to scan it and upload it on Blackboard with this assignment.

Refer to your learning activities 11 and 12 for more ideas about how to do a poster or a flyer using PowerPoint.


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