Can you help with this one?

Can you help with this one?

Can you help with this one? It's the "Explain your answers" that throws me off because I would just be guessing. Thanks very much!
Dividend dates— market price effects Blanker, Inc., has paid a regular
quarterly cash dividend of $0.50 per share for several years. The common stock is
publicly traded. On February 21 of the current year, Blanker’s board of directors
declared the regular first-quarter dividend of $0.50 per share payable on March 30 to
stockholders of record on March 15.
As a result of this dividend action, state what you would expect to happen to the
market price of the common stock of Blanker, Inc., on each of the following dates.
Explain your answers.
a. February 21. b. March 13.
c. March 15. d. March 30.

Roshan kumar 09-Nov-2017

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