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Briefly define the following terms by giving an example

Part 01 :   Briefly define the following terms by giving an example.

I. Dictionary

II. Stem

III. Affixes

Part 02:    Fill in the blanks by choosing connectives from the given options.

1. He was tired; ---------------, he still went to the game.

2. ------------- it was still early in the evening, we decided to walk further.

3. Ali wanted to leave the party, -------------Umar didn't.

4. --------------- it was cold outside, he didn't wear his jacket.

5. I would have gone to the party ---------------- my mother wouldn't let me.

Part 03: Choose the best meaning / definition for the each high lighted word.

1. Joseph wanted to adopt a healthy life style, so he resolved to abstain from high-fat fast food and sugar-laden sodas.

2: The coach observed his team’s bizarre behavior and concluded that the players were suffering from dehydration.

3: The Senate hearing committee demanded the corporation’s officers to provide credible documents to explain their unusual accounting procedures.

4: Usman knew that the reading class would improve his vocabulary and comprehension, thus increasing his chances of success in subsequent college courses.

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