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Home / Questions / Automation of a process activity consists of moving work from the ________ to the _______

Automation of a process activity consists of moving work from the ________ to the _______

 Automation of a process activity consists of moving work from the ________ to the ________ of the symmetrical five-component framework.

A) computer side; human side

B) data side; procedures side

C) human side; computer side

D) software side; hardware side

22) Information is defined as ________.

A) recorded facts and figures

B) data that fits into organizational requirements

C) sufficient raw data for decision making

D) knowledge derived from data

23) John Reed examines the stature of each of his team members on the school basketball team. He finds that the average height of the players is 6 feet 3 inches. John's finding is an example of ________.

A) data

B) information

C) substance

D) content

24) ________ is defined as recorded facts or figures.

A) Information

B) Substance

C) Data

D) Content

25) The fact that Jeff Parks works 9 hours per day is an example of ________.

A) a repository

B) a database

C) information

D) data

26) Which of the following is a characteristic of good information?

A) It must be freely available.

B) It must be more than just barely sufficient.

C) It must be based on incomplete data.

D) It must be contextually relevant.

27) As the CEO of a call center, which of the following information is good information for you?

A) hourly variances of performance parameters in each queue

B) daily reports of call abandons due to system downtime

C) lists of stationery usage consolidated weekly

D) department-level averages of revenue generation figures

28) ________ information is information that directly pertains to both the context and to the subject it references.

A) Timely

B) Relevant

C) Measurable

D) Accurate

29) Which of the following refers to information that is based on correct and complete data, and has been processed correctly as expected?

A) relevant information

B) measurable information

C) accurate information

D) timely information

30) A monthly report that arrives 6 weeks late is an example of information that is not ________.

A) timely

B) relevant

C) accurate

D) sufficient

31) Which of the following is true regarding characteristics of good information?

A) Information needs to be more than just barely sufficient for the purpose for which it is generated.

B) Information must hold an appropriate relationship between its cost and its value.

C) Information that is accurate can be based on incomplete data.

D) Information must be just recorded facts and figures.

32) Which of the following is NOT true about information in business processes?

A) Data is a stimulus; information is a response to that stimulus.

B) Information systems provide labor savings.

C) Data stored in databases and other repositories can readily be processed to produce information.

D) The quality of your thinking does not influence the quality of the information system you use.

33)  ________ is the perceived difference between what is and what ought to be.

A) A problem

B) Egocentric thinking

C) Empathetic thinking

D) Cognition

34) ________ thinking centers on the self.

A) Paranoid

B) Egocentric

C) Cognitive

D) Empathetic

35) People who engage in ________ thinking consider their view as one possible interpretation of the situation and actively work to learn what other people are thinking.

A) empathetic

B) cognitive

C) egocentric

D) paranoid

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