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atch each statement to the item listed below

atch each statement to the item listed below. determine the cause of a child’s behavior

b.combination of several types of data collected over time

c.setting a goal of doing a fixed number of observations per day note the presence or absence of a skill or concept evaluate the level of attainment of a skill or concept

f.Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL III)

g.Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development-Revised

h.Stanford Benet

i.Metropolitan Readiness Test

j.High/Scope Child Observational Record (COR)

1.              example of event sampling

2.              example of work sampling system

3.              example of an observation technique

4.              purpose of a checklist

5.              purpose of a rating scale

6.              example of a screening test

7.              example of a developmental test

8.              example of an intelligence test

9.              example of a readiness test

10.              example of an alternative testing process


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