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Assessment helps teachers a.all of the followinG

 Assessment helps teachers

a.all of the following.

b.plan effective experiences for young children.

c.implement effective experiences for young children.

d.evaluate effective experiences for young children.

2.              Accountability means

a.being able to count the number of children who meet standards.

b.being answerable, especially to those who provide the funds, to ensure that the stated goals are accomplish.

c.children must prove they know concepts before they can move to the next grade.

d.children can count on teachers to teach them.

3.              The 2001 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act

a.has  little effect on preschool-age children because it focuses on elementary school results.

b.calls for greater accountability in programs for all children. a state initiative that only some states have adopted.

d.All of these answers.

4.              Content standards

a.describe the expected level which children should reach for their age or grade, as measured through assessments.

b.describe the curriculum to be followed for a particular grade.

c.identify the concepts and skills that are to be covered at each age or grade level, as part of the curriculum.

d.All of these answers.

5.              Assessments

a.All of these answers.

b.promote children's learning and development.

c.identify children for health and special services.

d.evaluate programs and service.

6.              An appealing feature of quality observation is that it unobtrusive and natural.c.has reliability. standardized.d.has validity.

7.              What type of observation would be most useful if you wished to find out why Kelly seems to be having recurring tantrums lately?

a.Anecdotal recordc.Time sampling

b.Running recordd.Event sampling

8.                The ABC analysis is helpful if you

a.wish to teach children to read.

b.want to determine what happens before and after a given behavior.

c.want to analyze which children know the alphabet.

d.plan to use a standardized test.

9.              Head Start Performance Standards

a.are not used to evaluate the effectiveness of Head Start.

b.require children to meet specific outcomes in 8 general domains containing 27 elements. a formal assessment of academic skills that helps serve the whole child.

d.testing young children on the achievement of performance standards is good early education practice.

10.              A good observation objective, descriptive, and utilizes such cues as body language and facial expression.

b.deduces children’s motives from their behavior.

c.avoids using any nonverbal information because such data is not objective.

d.uses the simplest and most common words and phrases to avoid confusion.

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