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Assessment 2 will test your ability to describe the practical implications of a

Assessment 2 will test your ability to describe the practical implications of a di?erent social policy area using plain language, and your ability to ?nd and use additional evidence including personal narratives, or research papers with ?rst hand reports (quotes from service providers or users - reports and journal articles can be helpful for such evidence). Context: You have been invited to speak at an interagency meeting about how social policy impacts on the lives of people. This assessment is your written preparation for this presentation, in other words, you will be writing this as a speech so writing in the ?rst person is appropriate. The focus will be on engaging those attending the meeting about how social policy (current or proposed) impacts on the practices of actual people: social welfare service providers or people using social welfare services. Your opening paragraph of this speech will explain to the reader why the meeting has been called and who is attending the meeting (i.e. other agency/departmental representatives). This will be discussed further in tutorials.
Broadfocus: Chooseoneofthefollowingpolicyareasfromthetextbook(CarsonandKerr):(a)Poverty(b)Housing (c) Health and Well-being (d) Indigenous Australians. Targetedfocus: withyourbroadfocusinmind,reviewreports(journalarticles,mediasources)aboutasocialproblem and make connections with the particular social policy area you have selected.

Task Requirements The task requires you to: - In addition to the opening paragraph mentioned above, give a concise overview of a current or new social policy directive - Brie?y describe the social service delivery context (for example, which services/ organisations are involved in implementing the relevant policy? ) - Explain clearly the criticisms of the current or new policy (for example, how the policy may be for or against the mission and purpose of service provision; or for or against the interests of di?erent groups) -Makereferencetothelivedexperienceofaworkerorpersonknowntoyou(qualitativeresearchreportedinacademic journals and reports can be helpful) - Be creative and realistic in your e?orts to engage the interests of people at the meeting. Please pay attention to your word count. A minimum of 3 academic references (plus other sources) is required. Refer to the marking criteria for this assessment (in the Learning Guide on vUWS)

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