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Answer the following question in essay format. Question: How can your mental models about your world

Answer the following question in essay format.

Question: How can your mental models about your world both assist and limit your perceptions when you meet a person for the first time?

The essay is 1,000 words in length

Please Read the marking criteria on next page before you start preparing the essay.

To achieve a pass you must answer the set question. Essays which are a disjointed conglomeration of information on the topic or that do not show the relevance of the student’s information to answering the set question will not pass.

? Answer the question in your own words. Use direct quotes very sparingly and only to illustrate a point that you have already explained in your own words.


















Effort refers to the amount of preparation you engaged in before writing your essay as well as the effort and time you put into writing your report. It includes comprehension of the unit materials. The better essays synthesise the work of many authors and the ideas in the essay have been developed by way of several drafts.

(5 marks)


Analysis refers to the “how” (process and history), “why” (reason behind) and “so what” (impact and implications) questions. Analysis takes your essay from a purely descriptive text to delve behind the deeper issues and to provide explanations. There may be competing explanations and the better analysts will engage in these debates.

(7.5 marks)

Application of concepts and theories

Theories can assist you in your analysis and give insights and explanations. There are competing theories and the better students will demonstrate this in their applications.

(7.5 marks)

Written communication skills

Written communication skills, refers to your ability to clearly communicate to the reader/marker the sense of what you are trying to say. The correct grammar gives the reader clues. For example, when you begin a new paragraph this is a clue to the reader that you have finished elaborating on one point and you are about to start another. The structure of your paper is also important in that if points logically follow each other the reader can better follow your line of argument. An introduction and conclusion are also important communication avenues. A good conclusion sums up your points and restates your main argument in one paragraph. It does not introduce any new material. An effective introduction foreshadows your themes and arguments in one paragraph. It is a good idea to rewrite your introduction when you have finished developing the main body of your essay.

(5 marks)

Presentation and referencing

Presentation is important in this day and age because when you are in the workplace and asked to provide a report it‘s the presentation that others first notice. All academic work needs to be properly referenced as you need to acknowledge from where you sourced your information. This is a Level 3 unit and there is no excuse for students who do not reference their work correctly.

(5 marks)



(30 marks)



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