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Home / Questions / An individual buying a computer program ________. A) accrues liability for the usage of t

An individual buying a computer program ________. A) accrues liability for the usage of t

An individual buying a computer program ________.

A) accrues liability for the usage of the program

B) can install the program on multiple computers

C) just buys a license to use the product

D) can also use most other programs using the license

32) ________ is a form of hardware/software leasing in which organizations obtain server resources from vendors that specialize in server processing.

A) Metaserver leasing

B) String computing

C) Grid referencing

D) Cloud computing

33) ________ is the process whereby multiple operating systems share the same hardware.

A) Machine coding

B) Virtualization

C) License sharing

D) Application software

34) A grocery scanning checkout system is an example of a(n) ________.

A) vertical-market software

B) horizontal market software

C) one-of-a-kind application

D) operating system

35) Software that provides capabilities common across all organizations and industries is known as ________ software.

A) enterprise

B) market-wide

C) horizontal-market application

D) generic-application

36) Which of the following is true of in-house custom-developed software?

A) They are less expensive than off-the-shelf software.

B) The organization has to tailor its applications to the software.

C) They are easy and comparatively cheap to make.

D) The developing company pays the adaptation costs itself.

37) ________ software is installed in special, read-only memory in devices like printers or communication devices.

A) Firmware

B) Instruction set

C) Vertical-market

D) Horizontal-market

38) Application programs that require programs other than a browser on a user's computer are called ________.

A) smart clients

B) horizontal applications

C) vertical applications

D) thick-clients

39) Which of the following is true of thick-client applications?

A) A thick-client application is an application program that need not be preinstalled on the client.

B) All other things being equal, thin-client applications are preferred over thick client applications.

C) A thick client application does not require preinstallation of client codes.

D) With a thick-client application, a system administrator must install the new version on each user computer.

40) ________ is computer code as written by humans and that is understandable by humans.

A) Open source

B) Machine code

C) Source code

D) Native code

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