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An employee separation occurs when

An employee separation occurs when:

A) employee turnover reaches maximum capacity.

B) global competition increases beyond labor supply.

C) an employee ceases to be a member of an organization.

D) technologies are introduced into a new industry.

2) A company wants to know the rate at which employees voluntarily leave the firm. The company most likely needs to:

A) measure its turnover rate.

B) conduct an HR audit.

C) implement a diversity audit.

D) track reasons for discharges.

3) Companies most likely attempt to manage their turnover rates because of:

A) potential problems associated with public relations.

B) legal requirements regarding layoff notifications.

C) inadequate affirmative action plans.

D) high employee replacement costs.

4) The costs of employee separations primarily depend upon which of the following?

A) Whether the employee was a member of a protected class or not

B) Whether the employee had a voluntary separation

C) Whether the employee will be replaced or not

D) Whether the employee was a new hire

5) Which of the following is a recruitment cost associated with employee replacement?

A) Outplacement

B) Reference checks

C) Orientation

D) Advertising

6) Which of the following factors is the LEAST common reason for turnover among Chinese workers?

A) Lack of development opportunities

B) Manager-employee relationships

C) Insufficient compensation

D) Tedious work

7) Which of the following is a selection cost of employee replacement?

A) Advertising

B) Outplacement

C) Search firm fees

D) Reference checks

8) Martin is reviewing HR's costs for interviewing, testing, and checking references for new hires. Martin is most likely reviewing the ________ costs of employee replacement.

A) training

B) selection

C) separation

D) recruitment

9) Which of the following is a replacement cost associated with training new employees?

A) Employment testing

B) Outplacement services

C) Recruiter time

D) Lost productivity

10) Which of the following is the most significant separation cost for employers?

A) Search firm fees

B) Lost productivity

C) Outplacement assistance

D) Compensation

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