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All of the following are positive multi-generational management activities EXCE

All of the following are positive multi-generational management activities EXCEPT

a.Recently-graduated Milo helps a middle-aged manager learn how to send tweets.

b.Milo (26), Clark (37), and Clarissa (62) are members of the policies and procedures revision committee.

c.teams of high-potential employees are comprised of individuals who have at least 15 years of potential future tenure at the organization.

d.Clarissa, a senior employee benefits manager, is mentoring Milo who has just joined the organization fresh from college.

13.An analysis is being conducted at YourOneStop Pharmacy to track how prescription orders arrive, how they are logged in, how they are filled, how they are stored, how they are sold to customers, etc. The analysis is considering all the inputs, activities, and outputs associated with the prescription drug business at the store. This is an example of

a.workflow analysis. process re-engineering

c.job analysis using the PAQ.

d.a time-and-motion study.

14. ____ studies the way work moves through the organization in order to improve efficiency.

a.Work flow analysis

b.Job analysis process re-engineering

d.Time-and-motion analysis

15.A work flow analysis BEGINS with examination of the quantity and quality of the desired and actual outputs.

b.analysis of job descriptions and job specifications.

c.evaluating the activities, i.e., the tasks and jobs involved.

d.assessing the inputs, i.e., the people, material, data, equipment that are used.

16.Henry, a manager for a floor covering manufacturing firm, is attending a presentation by a consultant discussing needed changes in operations to apply information gathered in workflow analysis regarding product development, customer service and service delivery. “Looks like the company is implementing ____.” Henry thinks to himself.


c.job redesign

d.workforce reductions

17.A/an ____ is a grouping of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitutes the total work assignment for employees.



c.employment specification


18.The three phases of business processes re-engineering are

a.analyze, diagnose, design

b.unfreezing, changing, refreezing.

c.rethink, redesign, retool.

d.job analysis, job description, job specification.

19.Although Kathleen has a healthy lifestyle, she is suffering from high blood pressure and headaches. When she talks with her co-workers in the department, she finds that a number of them have high blood pressure, sleep disorders and other stress-related medical problems.  It would be prudent for the HR manager to consider

a.outsourcing these jobs to eliminate these unhealthy workers.

b.enriching the jobs in this department.

c.introducing flexible scheduling.

d.examining the job design in this department.

20.Job ____ refers to organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a productive unit of work.



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