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Home / Questions / According to the Coreys, accepting responsibility for our body entails a.choosing a lifes

According to the Coreys, accepting responsibility for our body entails a.choosing a lifes

According to the Coreys, accepting responsibility for our body entails

a.choosing a lifestyle to maintain the body we want.

b.realizing that we can control our body to a great extent.

  1.                 realizing we are active agents, not passive victims.
  2.                all of the above.



2.Holistic health tends to focus on

a.identifying symptoms of illness and curing disease.

b.the relationship between our body and the psychological, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

  1.                 discovering the appropriate medicine for a given ailment.
  2.                healing with herbs.



3.The following is not a factor that characterizes a wellness lifestyle:

a.assuming responsibility for the actions and quality of health for both yourself and your loved ones.

b.having a genuine concern for others and being tolerant of imperfections in others.

  1.                 being willing to devote time and energy to developing a sound basis for making good decisions about health.
  2.                assuming personal responsibility for one’s actions and the quality of one’s health.



4.In their Wellness Workbook, Travis and Ryan describe wellness as

a.a bridge that is supported by two piers, self-responsibility and love.

b.simply the sum of separate parts.

  1.                 the absence of illness and low illness risk.
  2.                something that merely happens to you.



5.    Physicians report that it is common for patients to be more interested in __________________ than

a.    getting pills and removing symptoms; changing a stressful lifestyle.

b.    changing a stressful lifestyle; getting pills and removing symptoms.

c.    having surgery; taking pills.

d.    over-the-counter drugs; prescription medications.



6.Concerning physical illness, with which statement would Bernie Siegel most likely disagree?

a.When we are not meeting our emotional and spiritual needs, we are setting ourselves up for physical illness.

b.To an extent, we have the power to keep ourselves well and to heal ourselves.

  1.                 A physician’s role is simply finding right treatments for healing his or her patients from disease.
  2.                Illness serves some function, and illness makes sense if we look at what is going on with people who become physically ill.



7.Kevin had thrown himself completely into his work as a CEO of a large corporation until he had a series of heart attacks that had him reevaluating his self-destructive path. The following patterns of living can help Kevin move towards a healthy lifestyle:

a.taking the time to seriously reflect on the direction he is going with his life.

b.making a decision to take an active part in changing his life on many levels.

c.seeking balance between his work life and leisure time.

d.all of the above.



8.More health insurance companies are providing payment for healers.

b.herbal medicine and vitamin therapy.

  1.                 preventive medicine as well as remediation.
  2.                changing problematic lifestyles.



9.Tracey wants to live a healthier lifestyle but keeps telling herself that she doesn’t have time to eat three balanced meals a day or exercise on a regular basis. She is using the following defense mechanism for not changing patterns of behavior that are affecting her health:



  1.                 rationalization.
  2.                reaction-formation.



10.Which of the following statements is not true?

  1.                 Spiritual practices may be as important to your overall well-being as eating and exercising.
  2.                A comprehensive view of health includes nourishing both your body and your spirit.
  3.                 Getting adequate rest and sleep is not related to overall health.
  4.                Exercise is essential for cardiovascular fitness.

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