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According to Kirkpatrick’s model’s training evaluation framework, which level of assessment is evide

According to Kirkpatrick’s model’s training evaluation framework, which level of assessment is evident in the case of assessing a customer service representative for more efficient handling of phone calls and increased courtesy toward callers?





_ justice will be perceived to be low if an organization bases incentives and pay and on a set of criteria that is specific and clearly communicated but then uses a performance appraisal system that is too subjective





Which job evaluation method is most commonly used in developing internally equitable pay structures?

The job classification system

The job component model

The point-factor method

The market banding process

which of the following is NOT one of the three factors that should be addressed during the training design stage to keep the training effective?

Learning styles

Instructor readiness

Transfer of learning

Learner readiness

Question 211 pts

Josh Bersin states that, “US spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year (the highest growth rate in seven years) to over $70 Billion in the US and over $130 Billion worldwide” (2014, para1) Select a particular industry and discuss the necessity and implications of such excessive training spending What are some of the challenges HR teams are facing as a result of this particular spending growth?


Bersin, J (2014) Spending on Corporate Training Soars: Employee Capabilities Now A PriorityForbes Retrieved from http://wwwforbescom/sites/joshbersin/2014/02/04/the-recovery-arrives-corporate-training-spend-skyrockets/

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22 Place yourself in the position of general manager of a service department How might formally written job requirements help you to manage your work unit?

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23 While many organizations are sold on the idea that strategic HRM adds value, a much smaller percentage acts on that belief (see the “Eye on the Goal” feature in chapter 1 of the text for a more detailed discussion of this point) However, HR is sometimes to blame for the doubts and suspicions that organizational decision makers have about the contributions of human assets to the bottom line Strategic HR planning is at the core of the much-needed changes and developments in the new HR paradigm

Address the following:

  • Define the current predominant paradigm for HR
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current paradigm (At least 3 each)
  • What is the new paradigm for HR?
  • In what ways does this new paradigm help organizations realize a human-based competitive advantage? (Offer 2-3 ways Be specific)
  • What are some practical steps for HR to transform itself and enhance its contributions to organizational success and effectiveness?
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