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A retirement plan that allows a self employed person or people working for a small business to make larger

A retirement plan that allows a self-employed person, or people working for a small business, to make larger tax-deductible contributions to a retirement account is called:

A) a 401(k) plan.

B) an individual retirement account.

C) a simplified employee pension plan.

D) a profit-sharing Keogh plan.


72) A(n) ________ allows employers to contribute to the employee's retirement plan on the basis of company performance.

A) individual retirement account

B) simplified employee pension plan

C) profit-sharing Keogh plan

D) defined contribution plan

73) Which of the following is a characteristic of most cash balance plans?

A) Cannot be converted from traditional pension plans

B) Ineffective at retaining younger employees

C) Higher retirement income than traditional pension plans

D) Time-consuming recordkeeping required


74) Long-term disability insurance:

A) takes effect after unemployment insurance runs out.

B) begins after a disability of six months.

C) replaces 100% of an employee's income for up to six months.

D) supplements unemployment insurance payments.


75) U.S. employers offer an average of ________ sick leave days a year for full-time employees.

A) 5

B) 10

C) 15

D) 20


76) Which of the following countries offers employees the most vacation days after one year of service?

A) Spain

B) France

C) United States

D) United Kingdom

77) Which of the following would most likely receive severance pay?

A) Barry, who was fired for theft

B) Carrie, who took maternity leave

C) David, who injured his back at work

D) Ellen, who lost her job during downsizing


78) Childcare, health club memberships, and company credit unions are examples of:

A) employee services benefits.

B) benefits offered under the FMLA.

C) benefits offered under ERISA.

D) time off benefits.


79) Which of the following is the most popular employee service?

A) On-site health services

B) Education subsidies

C) Emergency loans

D) Child care


80) About ________ of all employers offer some childcare benefits.

A) 5%

B) 10%

C) 15%

D) 20%

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