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A pyramid-shaped organizational structure that consists of hierarchies with many levels o

 A pyramid-shaped organizational structure that consists of hierarchies with many levels of management is referred to as a(n) ________.

29) A fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, service, and speed is referred to as ________.

30) A work group differs from a team in what way?

A) In a team, everyone is equal. In a work group, some members have more power than others.

B) A work group depends on an outside supervisor for direction, while a team self-directs.

C) A work group self-directs, while a team depends on an outside supervisor for direction.

D) A team tends to have better rapport between members than a work group.

31) A self-managed team:

A) consists of a small group of people who come together for specific, short-term assignments.

B) gathers for a few hours each week to solve problems in various work processes.

C) crosses functional or organizational boundaries to examine complex issues.

D) focuses on quality and productivity issues.

32) Which of the following is NOT a typical responsibility for an SMT member?

A) Scheduling work

B) Handling performance evaluations

C) Disciplining team members

D) Terminating a team member's employment

33) Which HR practice would most likely change after a firm implements self-managed work teams?

A) Work flow analyses

B) Job enrichment plans

C) Organizational designs

D) Performance appraisals

34) What is the primary reason for training SMT members in many different technical areas?

A) Simplifying schedules

B) Monitoring new budgets

C) Enhancing team flexibility

D) Handling interpersonal conflicts

35) Your organization is trying to decide if it should implement TQM. Management assembles a team from one department to study the issue. The team will disband once the study is complete. Which of the following would be most appropriate?

A) Special purpose team

B) Self-managed team

C) Problem-solving team

D) Virtual team

36) The quality-of-work-life program at Ford is an example of a:

A) self-managed work team.

B) problem-solving team.

C) quality circle.

D) special-purpose team.

37) What type of team would work best in a situation where you expect only a part-time commitment from each member, where each member will work in a different city or state, and where rapid communication is important?

A) A virtual team

B) A problem-solving team

C) A special-purpose team

D) A self-managing all-purpose team

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